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Welcome the Unfolding of New Possibilities

Insight Coaching Alliance (ICA) is a partnership between Insight Leadership and The Justis Group. We provide Integral Coaching services to individuals, teams and organizations who want to develop an increased sense of competence and fulfillment, gain insight into how they might be limiting these qualities, and discover how to more fully integrate these attributes into their lives and organizations.

self, awareness, insight, action, integration, change, sustainableWhether you’re an individual hoping to boost your personal success and satisfaction, an executive looking to lead more authentically, or a member of an organization seeking to enhance productivity and effectiveness, our certified coaches can help you create the necessary shifts that will result in bottom-line results for you, your team or your organization.

Our Integral Coaching Programs will help you inquire into, and address, the key questions that effect your ongoing ability to generate the results you want, including:

  • Are you clear about what you really want — in your life, your relationships, and
    your work?
  • How are your attitudes, judgments and perceptions impacting the results in your life?
  • What’s the most effective way for you to create the positive change you’re looking for, personally and professionally?
  • Are you, as a leader, willing to make the shifts you need to make personally in order to affect the collective change you want in your team and organization?

In partnership with an ICA coach, you will identify the often hidden influences that impact your decisions, attitudes and actions. You will open to new perspectives, allow new possibilities to emerge and transform these insights into new practices that will help you create the lasting transformation you desire. Plus you will develop new competencies and increased fulfillment that will endure and provide value beyond your coaching program.