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Susan Muck

ica-sue-webBroadly recognized for her focus and intuition, Susan Muck helps clients quickly identify the driving issues and unrecognized opportunities in their lives and organizations. Through addressing the beliefs, attitudes and behaviors that get in the way of creating positive change, Susan supports her clients in living more meaningful and balanced lives. Her clients quickly gain an understanding of the core concepts of choice, the power of presence, and purposeful intention as ways to create lasting, positive change. And with a focus on the bigger picture, Susan helps them integrate their increased knowledge of self into the larger perspective of personal transformation and business results.

Susan has more than 20 years of experience in personal and executive coaching as well as the design and facilitation of leadership, organizational and personal effectiveness training programs. She is a certified Integral Coach with more than 5,000 hours of intensive training in various Leadership, Interpersonal Communication, Personal Development and Group Facilitation skills. She is an Energy Health Practitioner with extensive knowledge and training in body-based coaching, and she is certified in emotional intelligence assessment and training.

“I love this work because it continually asks of me and those I work with to define and refine what it looks like to be more alive and thriving, and to have the courage and commitment to manifest that life. A time comes when we no longer are willing to try and be someone other than ourselves — we know we must simply become more of who we really are. That is where the magic happens.”

Meri Justis

Meri JustisWith her unique blend of business experience and commitment to her own ongoing personal development, Meri Justis assists her clients to expand their thinking, generate new behaviors and ultimately create the change they desire. Integrating compassion and insight with more than 25 years experience in corporate management, Meri provides the tools and insights necessary for personal and organizational success. As a progressive thought leader, she understands the issues of today’s complex environment and she works closely with clients to identify and create successful solutions for a variety of challenges.

Meri is a certified Integral Coach and has a Masters Degree in Human Resources. She has more than 25 years experience in corporate leadership and has spent 14 years as a successful business consultant, coach and trainer. Meri is a certified facilitator and Business Associate of Integrity Solutions programs including Integrity Selling©, Integrity Service©, Integrity Coaching©, and Managing Goal Achievement©.

“I love this work because it allows me to do what I most care about — creating and holding the space that allows others to access and live from their own wisdom. I love helping people step into, and live from, their full, magnificent selves.”

Patty McCourt

ica-patty-webOne of Patty McCourt’s greatest assets is her deep belief in people and in their resourcefulness. Uniquely positioned to become a “member of your team,” she also brings to each partnership her valuable business insight, visionary ideas and real-life experiences. Patty partners with clients to help them develop the capabilities necessary to build strong relationships, negotiate difficult decisions and contribute at higher levels. Driven by her desire to help people improve satisfaction and performance, she seeks to understand individual, team and organizational dynamics, challenges and successes.

Patty brings more than 25 years experience in leading teams and working with senior management, Human Resources and Organizational Development groups to create employee engagement and business success. She is a certified Integral Coach and graduate of Martin Seligman’s Authentic Happiness Coaching program. She is also a certified facilitator of Managing Organizational Transition and Emotional Intelligence training programs.

“I love this work because I am awed by the human spirit and our ability to reach new depths in the midst of challenge and joy. I love helping people expand their perspective on what options and possibilities are available to them in their current situation and in their life in general. It is an honor to support them as they remember and re-connect with their own resourcefulness in manifesting these possibilities.”