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The Benefits of Integral Coaching

Integral Coaching includes all aspects and dimensions of a person’s life and overall dynamics within teams and organizations. Our holistic approach leverages the power of self-awareness to resolve issues relating to specific situations, relationships or positions. The benefits of working with an ICA certified coach include:

  • Increased Competence: Develop new capabilities in areas that will help you achieve your goals, build stronger relationships and create a clear sense of purpose. These new competencies will last beyond the coaching program and the attainment of specific goals. As a result, you will develop the resiliency to face a variety of ongoing challenges and changes.
  • Deeper Fulfillment: Live in closer alignment with your values and expand your sense of who you are and who you are becoming. The result is greater fulfillment, increased engagement and deeper joy.
  • Expanded Awareness: Build the capacity to observe the discrepancies between what you intend and what you are actually creating — between your espoused values and your actual actions — and take steps to bridge the gap.
  • Continuous Learning: Draw upon internal and external resources to renew yourself so that your personal and professional development becomes an ongoing process rather than a final end state.