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Holistic Approach

Integral Coaching is a proven methodology that incorporates all aspects of a client’s life and the overall dynamics of teams and organizations. A partnership with an ICA coach will help address your current circumstances from a broader, more comprehensive context. We will help you assess how your thoughts, actions, relationships and environment support you in making the shifts you desire. And you will develop increased capacity in the following areas that will help you live in closer alignment with your values and expand your sense of who you are and who you are becoming.

  • Mental: Discover new insights and possibilities through self-observation and leverage these insights to create the results you desire.
  • Physical: Harness the wisdom of your body as a reliable source of information and a trusted ally on the path toward your goals and ongoing development.
  • Emotional: Improve your emotional intelligence by learning to identify what you’re feeling and to engage in open conversations that explore possibilities and create shared understanding.
  • Spiritual: Access your intuition and sense of connection to yourself, your community and the world around you.