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The 2019 Language of Leadership Program is FULL. Please call us at 541-344-6448 if you would like to add your name to the waiting list for 2019 or if you’d like information on the 2020 Language of Leadership.

2019 Sessions: February 26 – 28; April 23 – 24; June 25 – 26 in Eugene, OR

The pace of change in today’s business requires us to be flexible learners and leaders, capable of adapting to an ever-increasing array of unexpected events and circumstances.  Beyond what is required of us to survive effectively in this fast-paced world, there is an opportunity to learn to thrive in the possibility it holds. Join us for The Language of Leadership and explore the growth that’s available in the midst of challenge and change. And together we’ll take the next steps on the path of leadership transformation.


This powerful program is organized around three face-to-face sessions held in Eugene, OR  on February 26 – 28, April 23 – 24, and June 25 – 26, 2019. In between sessions, participants will engage in personalized assignments, connect with a learning partner and receive coaching from the program facilitators. It’s a powerful and challenging training program that will help you shift your leadership way of being to create the outcomes you desire. During our six-months together, you will:

  • Participate in a personalized, six-month coaching program that’s designed to help you expand your capacity as a leader; get on-going guidance about how to your learning to your unique challenges.
  • Identify the specific attitudes, behaviors and communications that are limiting the results you seek and practice new behaviors that will help you shift your leadership way of being.
  • Learn to become more present and effective during difficult conversations and challenging circumstances.
  • Understand how to effectively communicate with different communication styles and discover new strategies to help address their primary concerns.
  • Develop leadership coaching skills and learn how to apply these skills to help others see new possibilities to existing challenges.

Who Should Attend?: The Language of Leadership is an advanced program intended for leaders, managers and individual contributors who are ready to step up to the next level of personal and professional development. It is designed for people who are interested in and committed to their own ongoing growth – both as an individual and a leader – and who are willing to engage in active learning over a six-month period. Click here to download a detailed schedule of focus areas and learning activities during and between each session.


If you’re ready to take your leadership to the next level of authenticity and effectiveness, join us for The Language of Leadership and discover the new possibilities waiting to emerge! Save $255 when you register by December 15, 2018. Your early registration fee of $3,995 includes seven days of face-to-face training and a six month coaching program with one of the facilitators. Click here to register online or to learn about our registration and cancellation policies.

What  makes great leaders and great leadership? What are the steps along the path of leadership development? How do we cultivate leadership transformation and not just leadership education?

These questions serve as the foundation for The Language of Leadership, a powerful program that calls forth the unique nature of each leader.

wob-2013What makes great leaders? The quality of our leadership resides within us — within our unique way of being. Way of being is the embodiment of our beliefs, language, reactions, moods and emotions. It’s the way we show up and engage with the world and it’s often the unconscious driver of our actions and results. The Language of Leadership is a six-month, personalized program with three facilitators to ensure each participant gets the focus and customized information they need to shift their way of being to align with the results they desire.

“I wish I had attended this program 10 years ago! I’ve participated in many leadership development training programs during my 36-year career in federal service but The Language of Leadership integrates professional and personal development in a powerful way I’ve not experienced in any other program! I learned how to shift my Way of Being to be more in alignment with how I want to lead and I learned how to coach employees for the betterment of the organization.” K. Titus; BLM District Manager, Salem, OR

selfawareorgw-3What are the steps along the way? The first step of leadership transformation is self-awareness. We must learn to observe ourselves, identify the outcomes we want and gain insight into how we get in our own way. Finally, we must have the willingness and courage to take the action necessary to shift our way of being to align with those outcomes. To support participants along the path of leadership transformation, The Language of Leadership provides customized exercises and practices to help each participant develop and integrate new behaviors and responses that move them toward their desired outcomes.

“The Language of Leadership is aimed at the most powerful source of lasting change — practicing, at the edge of discomfort, those things that will build new capabilities and open new possibilities. Insight about yourself is not enough. You must practice new behaviors to develop new capabilities. I now see how powerful that is — and how daunting at the same time. Bravo!” N. Bjorklund, Parks & Open Space Planning Mgr., City of Eugene

stacked-stones-crop3How do we cultivate leadership transformation? Embodied change takes time, practice and partnership. That’s why each participant at The Language of Leadership has a six-month partnership with a certified coach and receives a personalized coaching program designed to help them leverage their unique way of being to expand their leadership capacities, and create the results they desire.

“The Language of Leadership training sessions and the associated coaching program is helping me live and lead more fully to my potential. It was great to work with different coaches – very thoughtful, thorough, and willing to work at a deep level – didn’t miss a beat. Thank you!” J. Savage, Operations Manager, Dion’s