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Participant Quotes

“The Language of Leadership was incredibly insightful and had a much deeper impact that I expected. This program is about deeply understanding how your Way of Being (body, emotions and language) shapes who you are and, at the same time, can limit your growth. If you are ready for it, this training may be the biggest thing to happen to you yet!” R. Shenoy, VP Marketing, Software Company

“I’ve participated in leadership trainings in my organization and in personal growth work on my own. The Language of Leadership integrates these two in a powerful way I’ve not experienced before. I learned how to shift my Way of Being to be more in alignment with how I want to lead and learned how to coach my employees for the better of my organization.” M. Mitchell, Forest Supervisor, Willamette National Forest

“The Language of Leadership training sessions and the associated coaching program is helping me live and lead more fully to my potential. It was great to work with different coaches — very thoughtful, thorough, and willing to work at a deep level — didn’t miss a beat. Thank you!”  J. Savage, Operations Manager, Dion’s

“The Language of Leadership is aimed at the most powerful source of lasting change — practicing, at the edge of discomfort, those things that will build new capabilities and open new possibilities. Insight about yourself is not enough.  You must practice new behaviors to develop new capabilities. I now see how powerful that is — and how daunting at the same time. Bravo! N. Bjorklund, Parks & Open Space Planning Mgr., City of Eugene

“This is the best transformational training available! I found each session, and the way they built upon each other, to be immensely helpful. The combination of the training sessions and working with three coaches was much greater than the sum of the parts. The Language of Leadership would benefit anyone who is interested in creating personal and professional transformation!”  B. Lincoln Wojtanik, Program Analyst, Bureau of Land Management