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Way of Being

Embodied Leadership


Each of us has a unique way of being that determines how we show up and engage with the world. Our individual leadership way of being is the embodiment of our beliefs, language, reactions, moods, and emotions. It defines what is meaningful and what is, and is not, possible for us. And it’s often the unconscious driver of our actions and results. We think the outcomes we create are based on our external situations and circumstances. But our results are actually created by the way of being we bring to our circumstances.

Opening to New Possibilities

heart-in-handsTo change our results we need to shift our way of being to align with what we want. As leaders, our experience and knowledge have helped us create success. But there are times when our beliefs and automatic responses no longer serve us or provide the resources we need to face new challenges. Times like this often cause us to stop and reflect upon who we are as leaders and who we want to become. As we become curious about different perspectives, we open to new insights about what’s truly possible for us. And this opening is beginning of our journey to leadership transformation.