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Inspire the Power Within Your Leaders

Leadership development is an ongoing process that, over time, reveals limiting beliefs and unproductive attitudes that we might otherwise skirt or avoid. Good leaders acknowledge this. Great leaders invite the work that comes with it.

bamboo_darkest_border1Our Leadership and Executive Coaching Programs are designed for senior executives and top-level managers who understand that change must occur at the individual level. Our clients are willing to do the demanding work of identifying the shifts they need to make personally in order to effect the collective change they want in their teams and organization.

We work closely with our clients to address the foundations of leadership rather than just the techniques of leadership. A partnership with an ICA coach can help you further develop the critical competencies and essential skills you need to improve your leadership. And we’ll provide you with a customized program that addresses your specific needs and helps you to become a self-directed leader with the resilience to face a variety of challenges. We can help you and the other leaders in your organization to:

  • Lead authentically in a way that aligns your  actions with personal values and strengths and creates an environment that supports others in doing the same.
  • Engage and motivate others by defining a clear purpose that inspires creativity and accelerates business results.
  • Leverage the power of intention by addressing the key factors that undermine individual and team results.

What You Can Expect: Coming from the foundation of an open, honest and constructive partnership, we’ll help you to identify the foundational issues that you, individually, must address for your leadership success. You’ll be encouraged to stretch in ways that support your development and challenged to take the action necessary to ensure positive, sustainable change.

“My experience with ICA is transforming the way I work. I’m using my new awareness of the power of intention to create the results I want. And I am more confident as a creative and effective leader who inspires others. I now know that when I step into my authentic self and leverage my strengths, it works!” S. Cooper, CEO & Founder, Cooper

We offer face-to-face and telephone coaching services, including hour-long, half-day and full-day sessions. Contact us at 541-344-6448 to learn more about how our Leadership and Executive Coaching Programs can inspire the power within you and other leaders in your organization to create a positive impact.