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Ignite the Power Within Your Organization

Employee engagement is key to the business results and financial growth you need in today’s volatile economy. Why? Because when employees are engaged in their jobs, they drive innovation, perform at consistently high levels, and remain loyal during challenging times like those we’re experiencing today.

maple-darkest-borderIf you want to capitalize on the power within your organization to create outstanding results, our programs can help you build a culture of engaged and committed employees who actively contribute their strengths to your organization’s vision and mission. Our holistic approach to change incorporates the overall dynamics of teams and organizations and will help you address your current circumstances from a broader and more comprehensive context. The result is employees who take personal ownership of their responsibilities and teams who work together to produce bottom-line results. Our organizational coaching programs can help you:

  • Build engagement and loyalty: Provide employees with the tools they need to leverage their unique strengths and drive positive results for the organization.
  • Increase productivity: Improve employee accountability, commitment to results and leadership throughout the organization.
  • Leverage change: Help employees become self-directed problem solvers who thrive during times of challenge and transition.

What You Can Expect: A partnership with ICA will help you create sustainable change in your organization and ignite the process of moving from insight to action to standard business practice. Movement to action is key to creating lasting change because insight without action is simply information, not transformation. Our programs integrate self-awareness, accountability and intention with practical business application. And we have a proven track record of helping our clients take these concepts from ideas to action — maximizing the power within their organizations to create bottom-line results.

“I never cease to be amazed by your level of insight. You have a deep understanding of me, of the interpersonal dynamics of the executive team, and the culture of the organization. And you have the ability to link all this together and help us understand the impact on business results.” M. Mack, CEO, Garden Fresh Restaurant Corp.

Contact us at (541) 344-6448 to learn how our Organizational Coaching and Training Programs can help you ignite the power within your organization to create outstanding results. We are committed to building value-based relationships with our clients, and we guarantee your satisfaction with our programs and services.