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Cultivate the Power Within Yourself

Our Personal Coaching Programs are designed for individuals who seek to expand their awareness of their essential selves, who want to look at their lives from a holistic perspective and who are willing to explore the deeper fabric of their lives.

sketch_lotus2_dark_borderThe daily distractions and concerns of our busy lives can make it difficult to access the deeper aspects of ourselves. And after years of living like this we can forget who we really are and be left with a vague sense of “my life is not all I hoped it would be.” You may be looking for a greater sense of satisfaction and purpose that seems beyond your reach, or you might have specific changes in mind, such as increased job satisfaction, improved interpersonal relationships or perhaps even a career change.

With an ICA coach, you’ll have a partner by your side to ask skillful questions, listen deeply, and be fully present with you throughout the process of creating the changes you desire. We’ll help you create a stronger sense of connection to your authentic self, deepen your self-awareness and personal growth, and establish sustainable practices that will keep you aligned with your values. During your coaching program, you will discover how to:

  • Reach your greatest potential. Open to new perspectives, allow new possibilities to emerge, and develop new competencies that will endure well beyond your coaching program.
  • Manifest the change you envision. Break free from habitual thoughts, beliefs and responses that have you stuck and develop new practices that help you integrate and embody a new way of being in the world.
  • Increase your sense of fulfillment. Create a life that is more aligned with your values and deeper truth.

What You Can Expect: Our work is based on the foundation that you are whole, complete and immensely capable. Starting from that position, we’ll assist you to overcome perceived obstacles, accelerate personal growth and create sustainable change. And we’ll help you get clear about your goals and support you in making the shifts necessary to create sustainable change.

“Well, you’ve done it again! Our coaching session together resulted in my hitting the reset button on my career. Now I’m back to my roots and talents and loving it!” G. Griffith, Tax Attorney,  Tonkon Torp, LLP

We offer face-to-face and telephone coaching services, including hour-long, half-day and full-day sessions. Contact us at (541) 344-6448 to learn more about how our Integral Coaching Programs and Workshops can help you tap into the power you have within yourself to manifest the positive change you desire.